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21st Nov One of those Days

‚ÄčA year ago today after struggling for months, I went to the Docs for help. The rest is history. 

Not coincidental but today, I’m not OK.

So to share and improve understanding of this illness. This was my Monday 21/11/16

On “these” days, driving to work is a trial, other cars feel threatening, the ones behind seem so close, menacing…
Then at other times I feel nothing at all.
The world is a bit foggy, thinking things that are normally easy, becomes a PhD level task.
The flash of the voicemail light brings on palpations.
Every mini mistake is a disaster.
Then I over compensate, by talking too much, rambling on, almost hyperactive to cover how I feel
The regular task of walking down a corridor at lesson changeover is unthinkable. Two many faces, people, noise, etc.
Should have stayed home, baked a cake & gone for a walk kicking autumn leaves.
Even getting showered is a trial, washing your hair, because frankly you don’t care what you look like, it’s the least of your worries.
But tomorrow? That will probably be fine.
Apologies for whinging on a rainy Monday x


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