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​I know it’s best & I realise I’m probably past it in terms of senior school leadership, but I still have skills to offer in my new role.

I can only hope I have made a difference to how schools support students & staff.
One of my happiest times was working in a small rural school, I’ve never felt more a part of a community.

Ambition got the better of me, the lure of the bright career lights.

At the new school I work with an amazing team of dedicated, passionate professionals.

Overworking, debilitating stress & a string of life changing events initiated depression, anxiety & the inevitable finding myself in pieces on a metaphorical hotel floor.

One part of me will miss involvement in those big desicions, a greater percentage will not.

Time to pass this thing to the Next Generation.

But who can predict that once I run away, I’ll find that isn’t enough? 

Who can predict I won’t end up feeling exactly the way I do right now?

Maybe I’ll want to run away again, & then again, & eventually I’ll end up back on square no. 1, because there are no more ladders to go up, or snakes to slide down.

But you have to take the risk, don’t you?

For everyone around me’s benefit, I need to explore every which way, to shift this grey veil.

Thanks for your continued support. Now I’m gonna be me & enjoy this holiday.

Again, this post is in the spirit of sharing the effects of depression & anxiety & encouraging talk x

Who me?

My mind spends much of its time wrestling with wave functions and in a battle with reality. The reality is frequently inaccurate. Sometimes I feel the need to blog it...

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