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.csv Version of My Life So Far. Part 1 The Life of OOK-The Fellowship of the Family

I think in the best traditions of Fantasy novelists, a trilogy is required, so

Part 1 The Life Of OOK – The Fellowship of the Family

Born, home birth, early 60’s, toddled, first memory being really scared by a thunder storm, ignoring the Cuban misile crisis, Measles, Chickenpox etc., waiting for Dad to come home on his moped, first days at school, read Janet and John, wanted to like football, too sensitive, ginger, grazed knees, played with Lego, My awesome Grandad, (henceforth known as Art) Action Man, caravan holidays to The Lake District, Board Games, loved Thunderbirds, loved Art’s wartime stories, DC Comics, making Airfix kits with Art, Meccano, Art’s’ huge Art Deco gramophone player cabinet, Shelley and kiss chase in the playground *sighs*,  first vinyl record (Penny Lane/Strawberry Fields Forever), window shopping with Dad eating chips on a Friday night, Mum being in Gilbert and Sullivan Operas, Star Trek on Neechy’s big Colour TV, playing “War” in Art’s huge garden with friends, first cool bike, power cuts and Dad working a three day week, my friend Fazz, my first guitar,  jumping through the glass front door pretending to be an Olympic hurdler, angling and learning to cast with a fixed spool reel, Crying when Mum sang You’ll Never Walk Alone in Carousel, Dad isn’t very well, Middle School with the inspirational Mr Rogers my science teacher, angling and the smell of coffee in a flask, playing Beatles music in friends bedrooms, loving cookery at school, building Balsa wood airplanes with Art, Dad’s in hospital, worried about war with Russia, in a school band, Dad’s really ill, bird watching with my friend Benno, Playing The Dambusters March at the school orchestra concert, on a Friday in September Mum telling me I don’t have a Dad anymore, cooking Mum a Vesta Curry, wondering why the Hell I go angling, shut in bedroom playing guitar, Mum has to work night shifts, selling my Action Men, getting a bike for Christmas I knew Mum couldn’t afford, going to high school (will they really throw me in the pond?) Mum has a new friend, I have a new friend she is called Sue, Consulate Menthol, suddenly and inexplicably becoming very naughty and rebellious at school, is the Fellowship in jeopardy?



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5 thoughts on “.csv Version of My Life So Far. Part 1 The Life of OOK-The Fellowship of the Family

  1. This I love 🙂 an exciting little piece with its nods back to the past, stirring my own memories ( 70s! Obviously ! ) Then the deepest of sadness, slotted in quietly. This is one of the most touching piece about a childs grief and it’s place in your life x

    Posted by jomakessix | May 11, 2012, 3:12 pm
  2. Thanks Jo, it always surprises me that all those memories still feel so vivid and how those early childhood experiences are fundamental in constructing the adults we become. Part two will follow……. x

    Digressing slightly I just #FF’ed you! #doh

    Posted by OOK_Librarian | May 11, 2012, 8:47 pm
    • nooooooooooooooooooooooo ! A #FF and I’m not there, ( twitches violently !) Your trying those Jedi mind tricks again are’nt you OOK !!!
      I’ve put a link to my homepage to this, hope you dont mind. I tried to link it in tonights blog, but having trouble with that!!! need more practice I think, where’s the idiots guide !!!
      looking forward to part two. x

      Posted by jomakessix | May 11, 2012, 10:32 pm
  3. This is simply brilliant writing! A fast paced, wonderfully rich timelapse version of life! In the circumstances, I think we can call this a Whovian experience. ;D

    Posted by Maren | May 12, 2012, 2:11 am
  4. P.S. I loved loved loved Dam Busters! Richard Todd was the hottest!

    Posted by Maren | May 12, 2012, 2:26 am

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