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Life has Doors

My first attempt at a song lyric, inspired by http://ooklibrarian.wordpress.com/2013/02/07/which-door-would-you-choose/

Life has Doors

So easy opening the first door
But this, you’re not prepared for
The speed of life, hits you hard
“Why’ve I been dealt this card?”

You quickly step up to the plate,
the train of time won’t let you wait
Fight for things you talked about
Instead of dreaming, act them out

So many doors on life’s corridor
Hidden keys to find along the route
The easy way’s through the open door
Where you can simply step inside or out

Door two’s more demanding
Your Life stops in full swing
Your courage is tested in this place
The pain it shows upon your face

Love helped you fight through
Seeing dreams that you pursue
Celebrate, go on a date
Gently toast your new fate


The next door’s a reward
A path through life restored
took some time to find that key
this must be the perfect place to be

The final entrance unlocks
Can’t turn back the clocks
The journey, through the last door
desire’s much greater than before


OOK © 2014

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